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Live Prints has been in this business for 9+ years.  We receive great feedback from clients and guests all the time about how we are the best photo booth they have experienced.  Sometimes, when brides-to-be and event planners call us, it doesn’t come without hearing their unfortunate stories and regrets about some photo booth company that let them or someone they know down.  Or we have clients who have experienced other booths and know what they don’t want.  So based on our experiences, we’ve put together some thoughts, tips, ideas and ridiculous industry “happenings” to help you.  As you choose which photo booth company you want to work with or if you are already in a contract, our goal here is to keep you informed with some “good-to-know” stuff.


Excellent Customer Service=Your Peace of Mind


We believe great customer service begins at the first “Hello” or after someone fills out a contact form.  How responsive is a company to your emails and voicemails?  The moment you feel you are waiting too long for them to get back to you may determine how the the rest of the relationship will affect your ease of mind.  Our email is for a reason.  In all our years doing business we have been giving our clients amazing customer service and keeping our 24 hour response guarantee.  It’s our pleasure to be dependable.


Some may say that a start-to-finish, 100% digital or online booking and service makes life quick and easy, but let’s be down to earth – if it’s not going through a human, how do you know a human saw it?  You deserve a real person to provide you with customer service, not a robot.  We encourage online communication as long as you are confident it’s not an automated system.  


Your photobooth company’s representative should be available to you via email, phone and should not hesitate to provide a cell phone number of the attendants as a backup, especially for the day of your event! 


Tip #1: Get everything in writing and/via email, especially updates or changes to the agreement.


Tip#2: Communicating your photobooth company’s setup dimensions will allow your venue to incorporate it in your floor plan accurately, leaving no day-of surprises. 


Tip #3: Request a picture of the photobooth you are paying for.


Tip #4: Request that two attendants be at your event to service your photobooth.  We believe that having two attendants is essential to providing a hassle free guestbook service and photobooth experience.  Helping guests with the booth, distributing prints and maintaining props is a job in itself! Having a second attendant takes the confusion out of the guestbook process, giving your guests the attention they deserve and keep the flow going.  This frees up how much the booth can be used, serving more guests.  Live Prints’ number one goal is to provide a white glove service where guests know what to expect and just have fun with the experience.  It’s a party, after all!   



We believe contracts should include the following:


A clear price breakdown that includes what you are getting in your photobooth package, including any travel fees that contribute to your grand total.


Statements about the company’s liability, insurance, etc.  For the sake of both parties, never sign a contract with a company who cannot show proof of current insurance.  Note, there are some venues that do require you to provide them this information in order to allow your photo booth on premises, so it is wise to verify before signing a contract with a photo booth company.


A detailed explanation on what happens in the case either party cancels the service for any reason.  What are you responsible for if you cancel the service?  What happens in the reverse?  Are there payment deadlines involved or late fees?  Do you feel it is reasonable?  


Statements about setup and delivery requirements, such as ramps and elevators where needed.  If there is no mention in the contract, ask your photobooth company what they need and verify that your venue has the required facilities.  We believe that a responsible and experienced photobooth company will already be in the process of verifying this prior to signing a contract with you. 


An agreement is mutual and therefore companies should provide you with a customized, detailed contract that requires signatures from both parties, not just from you.  In addition, the contract should be in a “read-only” format to ensure that the document has not been altered “by accident” at the time of signing.           



Groupons and Living Social deals are way lower in price.  What’s the deal with that?


In short, “you get what you pay for” is a statement that holds true for photo booth deals on such sites.  Some of these companies are start-ups and are using Groupon to get their name out.  Many of these companies overbook their calendar or close up shop in the nick of time.  There are many TV news stories about this online.  Other companies lure you in with an attractive base price or Groupon price, but you need to read the fine print and measure what you are getting against what your needs are.  Also, the deal they offer is usually the bare bones minimum and you end up paying more, in upgrades, for all the things you really wanted in a photo booth.  In reality, these deals are banking on you not reading the fine print.  Some super cheap photobooth companies use scissors or paper cutters to cut larger prints into strips!  This comes with 30 minute waits and disappointed guests too!  And until you’ve hired them, you’d never know this!  Celebrations should not be this way. When you hire Live Prints, you are partnered with an award-winning company and you also get peace of mind!



When you hire Live Prints, one of the things you get is the wow-factor that impacts your event.  Your guests will be impressed that it is a true photo booth experience in every way imaginable.  Future photo booth experiences with other companies will always take them back to remembering the awesomeness of yours.  This is a true testimony from our referral clients.  Read below for some truths you may not know about (and hopefully never have to experience at your own event).



Read this and save yourself disappointment….Would you want to pay for any of these?:


…a photobooth company to put their website on the front of prints and online images as free advertising?  We think that is SO wrong and we would never do that to you!


…your photo booth to be constructed of cheap PVC piping frame or tent framework and shower curtain material, or your “LED photo booth” to be constructed of white curtain fabric that has LED lights setup on the floor inside for all to see?  When your guests are in the “booth” they see everything.  Wiring, LED fixtures – an ugly mess!  It’s out there, beware.  Our LED Photo booths are solid structures with LED lights built in, not an imitation!


…some companies don’t even have an automated camera system?  For these, the attendant enters the photobooth with you and steps behind a camera or tripod to take your pictures.  This is awkward and also the worst we have heard by far.



These things never cease to amaze us.   We put this information together to help you know what you are getting when you hire us – a genuine company who strives to do photo booths right.