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Questions and Answers


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I have received your pricing for my event.  Are there other fees that I must pay on top of that?

No.  The amount stated in our price quote to you is what you pay.  (Unless  you pay with a debit/credit card.  See next question below.)


Which forms of payment do you accept and which do you prefer?

We accept checks, Chase Quick Pay. bank checks and money orders.  As a convenience for you, we do accept debit/credit, however there is a 3.8% transaction fee when you choose to pay with a card and this is written in our contract as a friendly reminder.  We do not profit from this fee.  We prefer anything but card payments to save you the cost of this fee.


What is your security deposit and payment schedule? 

Upon signature of a contract, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit which will go toward your balance with us and the remaining would be due 21 calendar days (3 weeks) prior to your event day.   If you are booking us less than 1 month prior to your event, you would be paying in full to reserve our services and also avoid making two separate payments in a short amount of time. 


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

A $500 non-refundable deposit (and signed contract) is required to secure our services for the event date/reserve our services for your day.  If written notice (via email) of cancellation is provided within 30 calendar days of signed contract date (not event date) we will refund the full amount of the deposit paid as a courtesy to you.  If written notice (via email) of cancellation is provided anytime after the 30 calendar days, then you forfeit your deposit.  


My deejay is offering their photobooth, why should I go with yours?  

We stick to what we do best, and our photo booths out-do all other booths in the events industry.  As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”  If you are hiring Live Prints, it means you are going for the best.  It means quality, details and looks are important to you for your special event.  It means you want a photo booth that your guests will actually WANT to use.  Simply put, our photobooth rocks – please read our reviews on to see what our clients have to say about us.


Can the photo booth be moved once it is setup?  

Our elaborate setup takes about 2 hours.  Once the Enclosed booth is setup is the designated area, we cannot move it because our booth is very solid and will be connected to other equipment.  The Open-Air Kiosk style, being a smaller structure may be moved depending on the circumstances/timing of your event.  Please communicate your needs to us as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to make your vision a reality.  


Where are you based and when do you charge a travel fee?

We are based in Carol Stream, IL.  Events with 2 hour or more travel times would have this factored in already when you receive our price quote for your event.


Is there a bench inside the Enclosed photo booth?

To accommodate more people, we do not have a bench, we do have a stool which the attendant will bring into the booth for kids or super-tall people to sit on.


Is it wheelchair accessible?

Yes, with space for friends and family, too!


What are your arrival and space requirements?

The photobooth uses 7 feet x 4 feet of floor space and must be located near a power source.  We require 1 table with linen for props from your banquet hall, plus a high-boy table or another small table for your guests to set their drinks on to avoid spills on the props table, guestbook album and on the photo booth.  Ideal space requirements for our entire setup are approximately 20×20 feet for ease of flow however we can also send you what the various layout options are because we are flexible.  We have made it work in much smaller spaces. 


What props do you bring?

Many different kinds! If you are curious, just email us for a list of our quality props.  We have been told by guests that we have the best prop selection they have ever experienced.


If our venue has restriction on certain props (like feather boas) can you accommodate that?

We don’t use feather boas – our boas are the fuzzy type that do not shed. 


I’m particular about which props are at my event.  What should I do?

Just email us for a list of props and then you can tell us what not to bring.  On the other hand, if you want us to bring a minimal selection, ie: sticks (lips and mustaches), boas and black hats, just let us know and we will accommodate.  Live Prints will not charge you for this extra step to make your day perfect – it’s our pleasure to give you exactly what you want.    


Will prints fade over time?

No. We use only high-speed, professional-grade dye-sublimation printers which ensure that prints will never fade, peel or crack.


How will my guests know how access their free downloads?

During the event, we let guests know that the back of their printed photo will have the information. Go to Click on “Find Your Photos”, then click on the event name and enter the password.


How soon can guests access their photos online?   

Photos are uploaded within 24 hours from the end the of event.


For how long will my event gallery be available online?

Your event gallery will remain online for at least 2 years and it’s usually years longer than that!  Many other companies delete it after two months or even a few weeks to save storage space!


Will my guests feel pressured to have their photo taken?

Never. Our friendly photographers will welcome everyone to try out the green screen, but will never pressure your camera-shy guests to get their picture taken.  We support everyone having a fun experience at your event (including us)!


Aside from prints and photo downloads, what else can my guests do with their photos in the gallery?

A lot! The fun does not end – our gallery offers a wide range of photographic merchandise so guests can do more with their image, such as metallic prints, puzzles, tote bags, stickers mugs, mouse pads, wearables, and large framed canvases, to name a bunch!



How does green screen photography work?

When a person or group is in front of a green screen to have their photo taken, the green backdrop is digitally replaced by a background image, using photographic equipment, lighting and specialized software.  Within 60 seconds, it is printed and handed to them, or placed on a table designated for pickup upon leaving your event, depending on your preferences.  Post-event, guests can download their photo for free in a private gallery online.


What happens to the photo image if someone is wearing a shade of green?

Since the color green is replaced with the background image, the part(s) that is any shade of green will blend in with the digital background image.  It has been our experience that usually, guests enjoy the result.  If your event color is green and you expect your bridal party attire or your corporate uniforms to be green, let us know ahead of time.  We will bring a blue screen instead of a green screen to prevent this issue.


How much would it cost to customize a background, or custom design a background for my event?

It costs you absolutely nothing!  We are happy to add your logo, name or a phrase to any background, or even custom design something from scratch to match a specific theme.  Let us know your vision and we will do our very best to bring it to life.  Our graphic designers will work with you until your expectations are met!  


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